Property Management

CPMS Commercial has long been a market leader in property management and we are proud of our enviable reputation for maintaining stringent standards and exceeding the expectations of our landlords and tenants alike.

We offer a full range of commercial property management services and our small size allows us to focus our attention and expertise to ensuring your investment delivers high returns and low maintenance. 

CPMS Commercial manages your property as if it were our own and the full range of servcies we perform include:

Seek landlord instruction with regard to:

  • Maintenance and repair, plus preferred tradespeople;

  • Disbursement of net rental, payment of accounts and any other deductions.


  • Attend to payment of all authorised accounts if required (rates, insurance premiums, body corporate fees, and any other accounts the landlord is responsible for);

  • Establish and maintain property and rental records;

  • Collect and receipt rental and outgoing payments in accordance with the current lease on the commercial property;

  • Provide to the landlord with the net rental, on a monthly basis, a statement detailing all income and authorised outgoings;

  • Advise tenants of their obligations under the terms of the lease;

  • Carry out an inspection of the property (with permission from the tenant) at least once every twelve months, in order to monitor its cleanliness, state of repair, operation of services, performance of tradespeople and contractors, tenancies, and other property matters, and report to the landlord on any matters requiring attention;

  • In consultation with the landlord, seek instruction from the landlord's legal advisor or financial advisor, on any relevant matters if and when required;

  • Provide tax invoices to tenants for rental and outgoings on a monthly basis;

  • Administer rental reviews as per the terms of the current lease;

  • Administer options to renew and organise renewal of leases when due;

  • Serve notices to tenants for any breaches within the terms of the lease - in consultation with the landlord's legal advisor;

  • Provide assistance with the set up of cleaning and tenant maintenance contracts in line with budgets for each site;

  • Conduct a quarterly audit of all contractors (including cleaning), ensuring quality  performance (conducted more frequently if required);

  • Facilitate maintenance on each site with the landlord or landlord's agent, with the ability to report/record hours of conducted maintenance;

  • Assess potential risks relating to the property and the operation from a practical sense;

  • Supervise any tradespeople and contractors carrying out work on the property;

  • Provide a financial statement detailing Income and Expenditure for the financial year, to assist with taxation requirements.