Leasing Your Commercial Property

CPMS Commercial delivers comprehensive and successful commercial leasing solutions customized to meet the unique needs and outcomes of every client. Boasting low vacancy rates, CPMS Commercial have a wealth of experience in all aspects of commercial leasing and agree to perform the following range of services whilst leasing your commercial property:


  • Carry out an initial inspection of your property, prepare a current market appraisal (if required), and recommend any maintenance and/or improvements;

  • Offer our opinion on acceptable lease terms and conditions so that your investment not only retains its value, but also has built-in growth wherever possible;

  • Effectively market your property for lease including the design, preparation and placement of agreed advertising;

  • Carry out inspections with prospective tenants;

  • Negotiate terms and conditions with the tenant in consultation with the landlord and/or legal and financial advisors;

  • Ensure the utmost priority to lease terms being negotiated, which promote and enhance the value of your investment;

  • Provide a formal 'Letter of Offer to Lease' to the prospective tenant, advising all agreed terms and conditions on behalf of the landlord;

  • Provide necessary documentation to prospective tenants, as required under the relevant legislation;

  • Confirm all final agreed terms and conditions with the landlord;

  • Instruct and coordinate the preparation of lease documentation under the relevant legislation;

  • Prior to the commencement of the tenancy, collect and hold in trust any security deposit paid and/or manage any bank guarantees in place;

  • Prepare a condition report (including photographs) on the state of the premises at the commencement of the tenancy;

  • Advise municipal and water authorities of tenant's details for the purpose of rate notices being sent direct to the tenant for payment (if required).